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I'm really not good at keeping up with this thing. >_<

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Wanna make a contract?

Anyhoo.. things are going well. We got some awesome 4d ultrasound pics~ The first one is my favorite <3



We are now less than a month away from my due date and I couldn't be more excited... or more ready. I've gotten way uncomfortable and am ready to have Davy on the outside where other people can take a turn carrying him around ^_~

His nursery is pretty much complete! There are a few other things that I would like to add but it's baby ready!


Coming along

Things are starting to really come along!  I've pretty much finished painting tons of Ghibli characters on the nursery walls and our furniture came in last week!  It looks so beautiful.  We have one old piece from our bedroom set as well as two new pieces purchased by great grandma.   It's all in dark wood and the two new pieces are a convertible crib that he will be able to use forever and a changing station which is a long dresser with a hutch on top.  I'll be sure to post some pictures after my shower when the nursery is a little more complete.  

I'm also very excited about my upcoming 4d ultrasound on the 12th, I can't wait for more pictures!

Writer's Block: Food glorious food

If you could get a free, unlimited supply of one food for life, what would you choose?


It's a boy!

David Felt It!

We had a milestone last night!  David felt the baby kicking for the first time!  I've been feeling little butterfly flutters for a few weeks now but this was the first time it was strong enough for him to feel anything.  There were two really solid kicks while his hand was on my belly.  So yay!

I should go wrangle the four ferrets I have running around up here with me.  Time to clean ferret poop!  (Have I mentioned that I am the proud owner of ten ferrets?)  Ollie, Izzie, Riley, Toby, Penny, Ellie, Ada, Charlie, Jet and Casper. :) 

Hello Internet Hello Baby

 I created this journal for a few reasons.  1) I've always meant to and hopefully I'll at least somewhat update this thing.  A few posts a year isn't that bad right?  2) I would like to keep a pregnancy journal as I'm now almost 20 weeks pregnant.  

Baby Mark&apos;s Ultrasound

This pic is from my last ultrasound at 10 weeks.  I'll be going in for my BIG one~ Hopefully soon we'll have a name for Baby Marks.  Lyra Faye for a girl and Caleb Joseph for a boy.  Now for a little back story... I should have made this journal months ago.  

Finding out

It was a Wednesday meaning my husband was off to play in his weekly DnD game and my friend Ashley was over for our anime night.  I had suspected that I might be pregnant the previous Sunday at Louisianime when my period decided to be late.  I'm never late and if anything I usually start a few days early.  So when we got home I bought a pack of pregnancy tests and had planned on taking one the following weekend.  Well it was Wednesday and Ashley was there and we thought... why not?  There's three tests in the pack right?  So needless to say I took the test and it wasn't long before we could make out a faint little plus.  I've taken tests before and there was never a faint little anything except a minus sign.

Positive baby test

So I texted David the good news while he was at the game he replied with a 'Yatta!'  I found it nearly impossible to wait to tell everyone else but I managed to hold off until the heartbeat was established at my first doctor's appointment.  So now here we are at almost 20 weeks.  The baby room is still a mess but it's slowly being converted from a storage room to a nursery.  Wish us luck!